Parish Prayers

Our Parish Prayers were written by members of our congregation and were chosen to be used as our regular prayer for our Parish.

It was decided to have two different prayers.  One for the children – written by one of the children of the congregation – and one for the adults, written by one of the adult members of the congregation.

Below are both of our Parish Prayers.  Our children have read out their Parish Prayer for you to watch.

The adult members of the congregation will be reading out their Parish Prayer for the video soon…..

Children's Parish Prayer:-

Dear God,
Bless our parish of Rush Green and everyone who comes to our church.
Please look after us every day.

Adults' Parish Prayer:-

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for St. Augustine who spread the Christian message in our country.
Help us to be like him and tell the people of Rush Green the good news of Jesus.
Bless our community, our church, our lives and our worship here at St. Augustine’s.
We offer this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.