The Last Sunday before Lent
Sung Mass – 10.00 hrs.
Hymns today: – New English Hymnal
451, 226, 297, 235

The Mass setting is by Murray.

The response to the Psalm is-
“The Lord our God is holy”.

Evening Prayer (B.C.P.) at 18.00 hrs.
Psalm 84; Genesis 13 ; Luke 10:25-37

Mass and Intentions this week:
Day. Time Intention.
Sunday 10.00 Lupin Close, Campion Close
Monday Bluebell, Foxglove, Fuchsia Cls
Tuesday Valentines Wy, Eastbrook Dr
Wednesday 19.30 Our Rainbows, Brownies & Guides
Thursday 10.00 Dagenham Air Training Corp
Friday Local Businesses
Saturday Jasmine Rd, Chamomile Close

Feast Days & Memorials this week.

Next Sunday is kept as
The 1st Sunday of Lent
Sung Mass at 10.00 am

Evening Prayer (B.C.P.) at 18.00 hrs.
Psalm 50; Genesis 21:1-21 ; Mark 14:1-26

Electoral Roll & APCM Elections
The Parish Electoral Roll opens for revision and the application of qualified new members TODAY. The revision period ends on Sunday March 15th. After the revision period the time for nominations as Churchwardens, PCC members and Deanery Synod Representatives begins. This year we will have 2 vacancies for the PCC and two vacancies for the Deanery. Details will appear at the appropriate time, but please give some thought now as to whether you are being called to one of these positions. The term of office is 3 years.

Upcoming Events & Meetings…….
Ash Wednesday, 26th February – Sung Mass with the imposition of Ashes at 19.30 hrs.
Tuesday 10th March – Grounds Working Party – From 13.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs. If the weather is wet we will be working in the Church and Hall. We have plenty to do, both outside and in.
Stations of the Cross
Friday 6th March at 7.30 pm.
Wednesday 11th March at 7.30 pm.
Monday 16th March at 7.00 pm.
Tuesday 24th March at 2.00 pm.
Saturday 28th March at 12.30 pm.
Thursday 2nd April at 9.45 am.

Palm Sunday—5th April
Assemble in the Vicarage Garden at 9.50 am
(or the Hall if wet).

Holy Week – Mass times are
Chrism Mass at Chelmsford Cathedral – Midday 6th April.
7th April Mass at 7.30 pm,
8th April Mass at 10.00 am.

Maundy ThursdayMass at 8.00 pm and Vigil until midnight.

Good FridayStations of the Cross at 10.00 am

Midday—Procession of the Cross from the Y.M.C.A.

1.00 pm Hour of devotion at the foot of the Cross.

2.00 pm Liturgy of the Day.

Easter Saturday

Vigil Mass with full ceremonies at 6.00 pm.

Easter Sunday

Shorter Form Vigil Mass at 7.00 am with breakfast to follow.

10.00 am Sung Mass of Easter.

6.00 pm Evening Prayer.

Easter Monday—Said Mass at 10.00 am in the Lady Chapel


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