Greetings my friends,

Doubtless you are doing your very best to adapt to the new set of circumstances that came into effect following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening.

Many of you, I know, are missing coming to Church, well as of now even I cannot go into church to pray.

I am really hoping that in the very near future I will be able to offer a web-based service from the vicarage. I tried to do something from the church last weekend, but could not get a strong enough internet link.

What follows is an extract from Bishop Stephen’s latest communique

The Church of England guidance does go further than the government guidance and comes from our own medical advice. In the light of that advice we believe we need to take the lead in demonstrating how important it is to stay at home and that we can still be the church without our buildings, hard though that is at present.
As your four bishops we are asking in the strongest possible terms that churches and clergy follow our instruction and guidance in these matters for the immediate future. As a reminder that instruction is as follows:

1. Our church buildings remain totally closed with a notice on the door explaining why, as provided previously. This includes for the clergy, such that no act of worship is led or streamed from inside the building.

2. Therefore funerals are not possible in church, which we know is distressing for grieving families, but is safest in preventing the spread of the virus. Funerals can only take place at the crematorium or at the graveside with numbers restricted to closest family (partners, children, parents) and the maintenance of social distancing.

Please, please, please look after yourselves and contact the vicarage if you need to speak to Jan or myself

Every blessing

Fr. Martin

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