Advent 1

Sung Mass – 10.00 hrs.

Hymns today: – New English Hymnal

3, 2, 18, 368

The Mass setting is the New English Folk Mass (NEH541).

The response to the Psalm is

“Show the light of your countenance, O Lord God of hosts, and we shall be saved.”

A service of 9 lessons and Advent Hymns at 18.00 hrs at 18.00 hrs.

Evening Prayer to be may said privately in the

Lady Chapel at 17.30 hrs

Psalm 9; Isaiah 2; Matthew 24:1-28

Mass and Intentions this week:

  Day.            Time                                  Intention.

Sunday            10.00                      Wolseley Rd, West Rd

Monday                                   Grosvenor Rd, Birkbeck Rd

Tuesday                                     Norwood Ave, Rose Glen

Wednesday                                 Hornford Way, Rom Cres

Thursday       10.00     Rush Green Rd & Queen’s Hospital

Friday                                          Thames Gateway YMCA

Saturday                            Rush Green Gdns, Meadow Wy

Feast Days & Memorials this week.

Wednesday – S. Nicholas

Thursday – S. Ambrose

Friday – The immaculate Conception of the B.V.M.

Next Sunday is

Advent 2

Sung Mass – 10.00 hrs.


Evening Prayer (B.C.P.) at 18.00 hrs

Psalm 40; Isaiah 10:33-11:9; Matthew 24:29-end

Upcoming Events & Meetings……. 

Monday 4th December – Christmas Dinner at the YMCA – Booking Now open, please see Fr. Martin for details.

Tuesday 12th December – The Rosary (Glorious Mysteries) will be prayed in the Lady Chapel at 19.30 hrs. Everyone is welcome to come and Pray at this service and a rosary can be borrowed on the night if you do not have one of your own.

Saturday 16th December – 12.30 hrs CBS Meeting with Mass & Benediction – New members very welcome.

Tuesday 19th December  –  Rainbows, Brownies & Guides Carol Service at 18.00 hrs in Church.

Saturday 23rd December -The Saturday Shop will be shut.


Sunday Advent 4 / Christmas Eve

Advent 4 – Said Service at 9.15 a.m.

Christingle Service with Carols – at 4.30 pm.

Midnight Sung Mass with Carols at 11.30 pm.

 Christmas Day

Sung Mass with Carols for all the family at 10.00 am.

 December 26th St. Stephen’s Day

Said Mass at 10.00 am.

Wednesday December 27th

Said Mass at 10.00 am.


Kept on Sunday January 7th  2018

Sung Mass with Carols at 10.00 am.

Evening Prayer at 6.00 pm.

Said Mass on the other Feast days of Christmas.

Times vary see Christmas Service Sheets for details

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